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About Me

Deviprasad C Rao, fondly known as ‘Devi’, is a self-taught artist. His interest in art goes back to his childhood since the day he saw his father’s art works when he was eight year old. He always thought and felt that it is beautiful to be an artist. But he never thought he would live as an artist as it was not acceptable in the family to live as an artist.


Devi is an artist of the intuitive world. He paints, sculpts, photographs, does murals and some time performing installations. Since 2003 he had many solo and group exhibitions to his credit. His works are in private as well as in public collection in over 30 countries around the world.


An interview with Deviprasad C. Rao. Issue No.19 of “evolve magazine” was designed with the works of artist Deviprasad C. Rao. They interviewed him about his art. Originally it was published in German and here is an English translation of the same. (July - Sept 2018)  


Devi turns this moulding mount of machine parts into his own visual and color world. A multi-layered structure filled with filigree abstract forms and minute structures. He works with lines, dots, dabs and various abstract forms writes Ariane Buffat from Zurich, Switzerland.


Portugal was for sometime Dev's roaming studio. Portugal embraced him with open arms and nurtured his creative zeal that eventually resulted in the creation of three major bodies of work titled “Lisbon Impact”, “Lisbon Calling” and “My Journey to Portugal” writes Devi himself in an essay to IIC Quarterly Autumn 2018 issue.


Every time Devi visited Lisbon, it looked different. This was a city that truly fascinated him. From air, from sea, from land, Devi grabbed those lines, the curves of the church domes, the winding path of the trams etc writes Nalini Elvino de Sousa from Goa as a Foreword to 'Lisbon Calling' exhibition that was held in Goa in 2016.


LISBON IMPACT is Devi’s first part of a body of art works based on the face of Lisbon, highlighting the impact the city had on him as an artist, especially its appearance. It is not an exact representation of the cityscape; instead it is his child-like vision he holds in his inner world writes Sofia Muller e Sousa from Lisbon, Portugal.


Devi’s creative vocabulary is replete with its own syntax and grammar of forms. He communicates his language through paper, canvas, wire sculpture and even his own body. His forms are his own characters, script and symbols. These are his alphabet writes Samira Seth.


What gives Devi's work its visual appeal are the sensual and childlike properties of his line, executed in an intuitive but controlled version of what Breton called“psychic automatism,” modified by the dynamic physicality of techniques initiated by Jackson Pollack writes late Margaret Mascarenhas as a foreword to an exhibition held in Mumbai.


When Deviprasad C Rao made a trip to Barcelona, few years ago, he could have hardly envisaged then, how this visit would describe his career. All that he saw and experienced affected him deeply, particularly the Catalan modernists Miro, Klee and architect Gaudi writes Swati Kotwal Nair, a artist and art critic.

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