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We the people series is derived out of  observations of Devi of himself and others around him in various everyday, simple, regular functions and activities. They depict various human emotions, attitudes and feelings. In general they depict normal and positive aspect of life around that artist see for himself.


Forms and Emptiness Series - 2 depicts progressions in terms of detailing with in the form that are more fine and defined filled with enormous lines, dots and patterns.Forms and Emptiness is the series based on clue provided by Gautama the Buddha in Heart Sutra.


Inspired by everyday things and daily scenes of life, this series actually found its take-off point in Devi’s neighbourhood, at a time when there was a host of construction and building activity.  The artist represents his view of these buildings in a finished/half-finished state through aerial maps of the sites.


Devi was inspired to created this series after visiting a closed factory that is now turned into an industrial museum called ‘Landschaftspark’ in Duisburg, Germany - a city that boasts historical relevance of over 1000 years as most industrialised city.  


In this initial series Devi captures the his fascination with the vibrant city – a city where he first came face to face with Gaudi and Miro’s works. Large canvases feature Devi’s early experiments with shape and colour to capture the essence of a city he still feels a deep unconscious connection with. 


In this second series of Industrial Fragments, Devi tries to create works that are more defined with details with industrial forms that are again filled with patterns. They appear illustrations but they give new touch to artists experience and transforming into new visuals. 


Devi was inspired by creative dimensions of the density of several cities in the world. He was often awed by human creations and the progression of civilization mainly in the field of architecture, design and town planning. Lisbon was the first city he chose to develop series titled Den-City. 

Kochin the fort city of India - 120 x 150 cm-Acrylic on canvas.jpg

Since 2009 Devi was consistently involved with commissioned projects in India and abroad. Most of the projects are his vision of cities belongs to Den-City 1 & 2. However he also painted pure abstracts as well as three dimensional works and murals.  


Following the technology and its possibilities Devi is trying to create new visual vocabulary using iPad and iPencil. However, he is still a conventional painter uses this available means to mostly sketch, draw and plan his progression of his new works or visual language.

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