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We the people - 2

He is generally an optimist. he doesn't  want to be different. So he does his best to see, feel and experience the good or the positive in everyday life or in other people around him. This is exactly what he wants to express in his works in this WE THE PEOPLE series. Each work stems from his own observations and experiences, most of which he made in and around his life surroundings in Switzerland. They are observations of himself and others around him in various everyday, simple, regular functions and activities. They also depict various human emotions, attitudes and feelings.

Devi is an abstract artist. Figurative art and realism do not correspond to his creative expression. But in this series he has fused abstraction and figuration together. His works are mostly the result of an intuitive and meditative state of himself. Yes, painting came into him in life as a meditation technique and it still is today, even though it has become his profession in the last 20 years.  

Most of his works here are ink drawings on paper and a few acrylics on canvas. It doesn't matter how he painted and titled them. You are free to interpret and experience them as you feel.

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