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Lisbon Impact

Since 2011, Devi was inspired by creative dimensions of the density of several cities in the world. He was often awed by human creations and the progression of civilization mainly in the field of architecture, design and town planning. Eventually, his curiosities developed into subject matter of his creations using his own visual language. As he continued his study of various cities around the world, he conceived the idea of painting a new body of art works titled Den-City Series. When he was in search of a city to begin Den-City Series he came across an article published in New York Times titled,  “How I fell for Lisbon” by Frank Bruni, a well known American journalist. Ever since, his all attention was grabbed by Lisbon and knowing more about this fascinating place and it’s history. Being a resident of Goa, an old Portuguese colony, his friends from Lisbon, Mr Bruni’s article and his own sturdy of the city culminated into the beginning of a new project.  What impressed Devi most was Lisbon’s history, culture and especially its redevelopment after the devastating earthquake in the18th century that destroyed a large part of the city and thus, reshaped its present.


Miniature Paintings

Sketches & Drawings

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