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Barcelona : Entering into the unknown

Since I heard the inner calling of living the rest of my life as an artist, I have begun my journey into the unknown, however, cautiously. To begin with I kept recalling the inspiring words of Osho, Ritu Malhotra and Dr. Warren Stag. I began painting and drawing without specific purpose - like a white cloud, for which every direction is its direction. I was just expressing my freedom while patiently waiting to find an appropriate direction that shall bring out my true identity as an artist.

During the time of my self-exploration process, I received an e-greeting card by a dear friend with a painting of the Catalan master Joan Miro. I had never heard of him before. But the painting titled Blue II made such a profound impact on me, which was unbelievable. It touched my inner core. Through the Internet I tried to avail more information about this artist. I found out he lived in Barcelona and was regarded internationally as one of the modern masters and was a contemporary of Picasso. His work made a much more intense impact on me than that of Paul Klee’s.

One day I wished to go to Barcelona and see Miro’s work, especially the Blue II. After close to one and a half year, life brought me an opportunity to go to Barcelona. To my disappointment those works were not there in Joan Miro Foundation. But I had the privilege to see 500 other odd pieces of his works the experience of which certainly kept the child inside me alive and filled me with new vigor. Miro’s way of application, mastery over application of colours, compositions, lines and feeling totality of work simply shocked me. I was awestruck!!!

When I stepped out of the Museum I knew I met one of my Guru’s. However, at the same time as I was moving around the city of Barcelona I realized this colourful, unusual but beautiful buildings and architectures. My friend explained to me that it was created by a famous architect called Antonio Gaudi. It was an unexpected and sheer blessing to see his works. I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing most of his works including unfinished Sagrade Familia.

Once I experienced these two masters I was itching to create something of my own and new. A desire in me arose to create my own visual language. So after being in the place of such masters I kept making sketches and plans to create a new body of work. Nine months later, I ended up creating my first ever series of work called ‘Experiencing the unknowable’.

It was just the beginning. I was quite aware that I was nowhere close to where I wished to be. But every effort, event and result was pushing me to the next and more progressive stage. I was aware that I had already reclaimed the innocence needed to create, so I could express with free will and freedom. The artist in me began to thrive. All credit goes to my dear friends in Barcelona and their education to me of Catalan masters.

(Copyright 2021, Deviprasad C Rao. Author is an Artist, Curator, Writer & Artist Facilitator. Founder of Devamitra Artists Collective based in Zurich, Switzerland. He can be reached through this website



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